by Ed O'Loughlin

Not Untrue and Not Unkind by Ed-O'Loughin

Long-listed for the
2009 Man Booker Prize

For decades old Cartwright has been the office bully, a snoop and a henchman, so few at the paper mourn him when he is found rather messily dead. But to a burnt-out younger colleague, Owen Simmons, Cartwright bestows a back-handed legacy, forcing him to face up to the passion, heartbreak and regrets of his previous life as a foreign correspondent.

Not Untrue and Not Unkind is Owen’s story, a recollection of life and love amongst a transient group of friends and rivals reporting forgotten wars in Africa.

Penguin UK Paperback
ISBN: 0141038063
Published: April 1, 2010

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Penguin UK Hardback
ISBN: 1844882101
Published: April 2, 2009

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Penguin US Hardback
ISBN: 1590202953
Published: June 10, 2010

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